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Creating Global High ROI, Transparent and Secure Trade Relationships with Africa

We are a trusted global platform for all your African Agribusiness consultancy offering solutions to outsourcing, contract farming, supply chain, R&D, marketing, procurement, compliance , contract management, agriculture investment and partnerships .


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Trade and Grow Globally

AfroGlobal Trade Ltd. is a business consultancy firm in Birmingham, England with a vast experience of emerging markets and representation in Africa. We have a very strong understanding of the market and take pride in excellent business relationships. We have a big network within the region with direct access to most of the trade principals and relevant authorities.

Our role is to restore confidence and transparency in trade and business engagement in the region, which has been destabilised by the political metamorphosis of recent years. We implement world-class acceptable frameworks to ensure the utmost protection of stakeholders in all business engagements at very minimal risk.

An Overview of What We Do

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business Growth
  • Outsourcing of Goods and Raw Materials
  • Marketing Using Existing and New Markets
  • Negotiating and Managing Partnerships    
  • Managing International Trade Contracts
  • International Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Brokering Business-to-Business Deals
  • Contract Manufacturing and Farming
  • Market Development and Growth
  • Managing Service Level Agreements
  • Contract Management
  • Trade Consultancy
  • Localising Brands

We also facilitate direct business-to-business stakeholder engagements in contract supply, acquisitions, and partnerships to promote growth and development.

Global Food Security & Supply Chain

Meet the Team

Tendai Stephano – Chairman

Tendai Stephano is a United Kingdom-based project manager who has experience working on successful projects since 1995. His major strengths are project management, geopolitics, leadership, risk management, change management, continuous business improvement, stakeholder management, contract negotiation, investment management and etc.

Tendai's career started in Zimbabwe when he worked on the government ZIMSEC localisation of examinations project together with Cambridge University. It was a success and most of the frameworks & systems he contributed in building are still being implemented until  present day . Thereafter he relocated to the UK where he is now based.

 Over the years, he has assumed roles in operations, change management, risk management, contract management, and continuous business improvement among others. Although he is based in the UK, his heart is still in Africa. Currently he seats on a few executive boards that are proactive in Investment, Food Safety,R&D, Innovation, Mobilising funding and International Growth & Development.

He has devoted his life to facilitate the growth and development of the continent through working with EPC companies and investors in successful end-to-end project development and execution.

He also has a history of directorship with other companies, including Temona Trade Ltd (UK), StepOut Engineers Ltd (UK), Train To Empower LTD(UK) and Steps Distributors PVT LTD (Zimbabwe) among others.

Currently Tendai Stephano, is also the founder of AIB Corp LTD, a company that connects African project owners and investment consultants globally.He is also affiliated to a network of high-profile investors and EPC companies that have genuine interests of funding projects to grow and develop the continent by facilitating government partnerships and credit lines.

Mr. Stephano's vast experience and knowledge of both the emerging markets and the developed world gives him a competitive edge amongst other industry professionals of his calibre and background. Currently, he is also pursuing an MBA with Aston University.

Lebani Moses Nthoyiwa - Consultant (Botswana)

Lebani Nthoyiwa is a seasoned executive who has assumed several top roles in the Botswana Ministry of Agriculture , including the then Botswana Diary .

He is an innovative and goal oriented leader who has vast experience in managing and structuring successful businesses and projects. He also has a broad understanding of stakeholder engagement anchored on his understanding of geopolitics and ability design and implement strategic frameworks to promote effective stakeholder collaborations and partnerships.

He also holds a respective portfolio in the Agribusiness  earned and accomplished from his experience and qualifications. He is a holder of a BSc In Agriculture, his academic qualifications were acquired in Botswana, Japan, Ethopia and the Netherlands. That being said it also indicate that the man has vast international exposure and soft skills that are beneficial in promoting global trade and investment whilst adhering to internationally compliant procedures and operating systems.

Nickson Sibanda – Operations Manager (Africa)

Nickson worked at Amalgamated Technical Services from 1995 to 2000 as a trainee manager. From 2000 to 2009, he ran his own consultant company called Nettleton Investments. He then worked as an operations manager at Alternative Shipping Solutions from 2009 to 2012.

In 2012, Nickson assumed the role of marketing manager at Maccann Botswana until he joined AfroGlobal Trade Ltd. as managing director for Africa affairs.

His role is to offer sustainable solutions to restore transparent global trade confidence with Africa that has been eroded in recent years because of geopolitics. All his operational policies are baselined on internationally recognised frameworks that have been tested before, to protect stakeholders and mitigate known risks.

Manu Seth – International Business Consultant

Mr Manu Seth is a renowned business developer and consultant who has a huge portfolio of working on high-budget international projects. Currently, he is based in India. His business acumen has gained him vast global networks.

His strengths and expertise are anchored on supply chain and logistics, strategic consultancy, operations consultancy, government enterprise, financial advisory, business management consultancy, information technology, and infrastructure consultancy.

Mr Seth has worked on a number of successful projects involving Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. He is forced to be reckoned when it comes to international trade and investment.

He is the founder of an international organization, Speaking Mindz Inc. It is currently involved in global economic growth and development through financial investment management and product placements.

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