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Vegetables Contract farming for global supply
Plulses contract farming and supply to global markets al make
Pineapples for global supply
IQF Frozen strawberries and other fruits for global supply
Afroglobal Trade LTD facilitates contract farming for peaches to international markets
Afroglobal Trade supplies citrus fruits and manage contract farming for international markets
Afroglobal Trade supplies grapes to global markets
Afroglobal Trade connects buyers to our network of quality salad onions growers
Afroglobal Trade LTD work with direct superfoods growers in Africa
Africa has the best climate for growing mangoes
Afroglobal Trade supplies premium quality ginger from Africa


Afroglobal Trade LTD works with farmers and landowners in Africa ti facilitate and manage contract farming, R&D and creating sustainable strategic partnerships to enhance global food security through innovative climate friendly technics that promotes economic growth and standard end to end fully compliant agro-supply chain procedures.

Facilitating, Structuring & Management of Contracts

 Afroglobal Trade LTD understands that most of the global food is produced by small scale farmers and data has proven that the farmers don't benefit from their work as most of the profits disappear within the long chain of middlemen who manipulate their privileges of access to both the farmers and the markets. Most of the small scale farmers in Africa ripped off by deep divers from other continents who purchase their produce for close to nothing , repackage them and give them accreditation in their own countries in order to meet the standards to sell to the Western Markets. Afroglobal Trade LTD is now working with Sub Saharan African small scale farmers to connect them directly to off takers in Europe and the US Markets. At the same time we are also connecting the small scale farmers to accreditation bodies that are recommended by the markets in order to uphold compliance and quality requirements. This sustainable model adds value to both the producers and the importers by increasing profits and enhancing direct relationships between the Buyers and the actual producers. 

Connecting Producers to Market

 Our scheme of connecting producers to direct markets helps consumer markets to work directly with the small scale producers and building valuable relationships. helping markets to engage directly with small scale farmers in Africa also help to improve quality of produce, traceability of product from seed ,  monitoring &controlling and sharing risk management to ensure that consumers get the expected products that are fit for purpose . Direct relationships between African producers and the developed world markets improves quality through sharing of information and peer to peer learning as the farmers will have the insight of what their markets require whilst the consumers get to understand the challenges and opportunities that are available to their producers , so that they can collaborate to navigate round them for the benefit of the intended contract.

Soil Test & Management

During the start of each contract Afroglobal Trade LTD will work with the small scale farmers to collect date about the soil and environment that will be used to grow the intended products to allow the the contractors to also evaluate whether the soil structure and climate will closely match their expectations. The contractors, producers and Afroglobal Trade LTD will work together to put create strategy, outlining the business plan, cost management, soil additives management and expected timelines. 

Capacity Building 

Small scale farming in Sub Saharan Africa is a way of life and it has been passed on in families for generations as a way of sustainable living in rural Africa. However for the small scale farmers to scale up and produce competitively for global markets they require both technical and financial capabilities. That also helps them to procure the most effective and up to date implements in the form of equipment, accreditation and technology to help them to deliver the projects successfully. Afroglobal Trade LTD has designed an intervention model that requires off takes to issue guarantees or financial instruments that can be used solely to unlock capital from agriculture banks and other financiers cover costs of the project to the required specifications . Afroglobal Trade LTD works closely with all the relevant stakeholders to structure fully insured enabling contracts that are designed to benefit the sustainability of the  contract farming project.

Project Management

  In order to ensure that all contractual obligations are adhered to and value for money is realised, Afroglobal Trade LTD  works closely with all the stakeholders to manage compliance and risk. In every contract, Afroglobal Trade will ensure that the small scale farmers registered their entities with local bodies, acquire all the licences and permits required by the government of that country to produce for export. We also conduct an audit to identify whether the land is available, the producers have capacity and capabilities to deliver the project . We also liaise with the  off takers to come up with a contract that is achievable and they should offer some form of guarantee that will give confidence to the small scale farmers within reason. Afroglobal Trade will also outsource technology and other services including insurance to assist in securing the success of the project and cater for any other unexpected risks that can protect stakeholders from incurring manageable loses.

Delivery and Payment

Afroglobal Trade LTD work with stakeholders to incorporate reliable logistic companies that have vast experience in operating within countries of the project implementation and   delivering goods to the intended markets using international standard transportation methods that are fully compliant and cost effective. We fully understand that logistics laws and customs regulations differ from country to country, so it is our duty to advise on sustainable solutions that will not impact the supply chain or cause delays that can compromise the intended quality of perishables because of avoidable bureaucracy .

What our customers are saying

Afroglobal Trade LTD introduced us to very cost effective and reliable experts who are strategically located across the globe and that has improved our efficiency in global trade.

Temona Export Ltd.

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